Wellness Telecom is a new generation technology company specialized in end-to-end IoT solutions. Characterized since its beginnings in 2008 as a company with an innovative team, focused in providing its 100+ client base with technological solutions and telecommunication services that fulfil the scope of their needs and bring higher added value and business differentiation: Telecommunications and Cloud, Middleware and Apps, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Monitoring and Smart Sensors.


The Wellness Telecom Group runs two business lines – Networks, Systems and Cloud and Smart Cities – with a clear international vocation, having projects in more than 50 countries, and capitalising on innovation as the growth engine for the company.

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions has been working in the IoT area for years in the subjects of energy efficiency, environment and mobility, boasting more than 5,000 active devices in 120 Spanish cities. Solutions like WeLight and eGarbage are now leading the market for remote management of street lighting and smart waste management, respectively.


The Group now consists of more than 100 professionals, with headquarters in Seville and offices in Malaga, Almeria, Mexico DF and Seattle. Steadily growing, the company reached 8.5 million euro turnover during its seventh year of operation in 2015, which means a 20% rise with respect to 2014.


Wellness Telecom is endorsed by Gartner, the international consultancy, which in 2012 included the company in its “Cool Vendors in Smart City Applications” list. It has also been selected recently by Spain Tech Center among the best Spanish technology companies for its Silicon Valley program

Daniel Capitán Agudo 

Consortium Coordinator 

LifeOnKey™ is a mobile/web-based solution that transforms the way health information is collected, managed, and analyzed. This online health information technology platform allows for the secure aggregation and exchange of medical data among every major stakeholder in the health care system through a suite of applications and products.

On top of this platform LifeOnKey has developed a suite of applications for monitoring chronic diseases, for eVisits, for patient self-management of a chronic disease or a medical condition.

In addition, LifeOnKey has developed a system-agnostic EMR-HUB to securely integrate patient data (after its proper authentication) – which is will be launched soon to be a bridge between clinical trials IT solutions and the different EMRs.

Linda Harnevo

Smart Homes (SmH) is the Dutch expert centre on home automation, smart living and e-health. It acts as an independent and intermediary organisation in the market of technology & ageing. Sm18art Homes participated in many projects on ambient assisted living, most of which dealing with context aware software based services. Generally, Smart Homes exploits results of these projects through its partner community, educational courses and consultancy work. Smart Homes has strong dissemination activities through conferences, an annual trade fair, its Magazine, newsletter and website. In SmartBEAT, SmH is responsible for setting up the protocols for user-centred design and evaluation.

Wil Rinjen

ISOIN ( is a Spanish SME founded in 2001 working in Information Technology field, with deep experienced and a high qualified labour in software development, ambient intelligence, mobile communications and system integration. ISOIN has been developing, for years, high quality products for its customers, doing consultancy services, analysing the ICT market, and providing training to public and private companies. ISOIN workforce is composed by a multidisciplinary team ranging from diverse engineering areas (telecommunications, mechanical, computer science and others) being spread out Spain, Italy and Colombia.

ISOIN main competence areas include: Ambient Intelligence, Networking and Communication, Software Development, Interoperability, Multimodal Interfaces, Training and Consultancy, Research and Technology Development, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Collaborative Networks and Processes Optimization.

The innovation and technology department works bringing progress on artificial intelligence (semantics, neuronal networks, patterns detection, big data, etc), eHealth-Ageing (treatment personalisation, nutrition, eHealth, etc), Geo-informatics (data analysis from ERS satellites, EGNSS and LBS), IoT (interoperability, collaborative intelligence, pervasive services), Security (detection of anomalous patterns, critical infrastructure monitoring) and Smart cities (mobility plans, DSS, ITS).

 Iván Carrillo Quero

Taniwa Health is a technological company with expertise in mHealth and data analysis. Mememtum, is the main product, is an App based mHealth solution to analyse and evaluate the neurological condition of patients and general population. Mememtum tracks the evolution and progress of patients and performs early detection of neurological problems leveraging on its Real Life Evidences Database.

Jose Luis Marina

Seniornett (SN) is an NGO working for the inclusion of elderly people in the “e-” world: PC, Internet, social media, etc.  SN has established 200 training centers, “clubs”, all over Norway where senior citizens can go for training, take courses, meet peers, ask questions, socialize etc. The organization has 6 full-time employees, approx. 800 volunteer workers and around 8000 members. Through the network of clubs SN has easy access to thousands of elderly with variable skills and background, but all with an interest in learning about and using new technology for the benefit of themselves and the society. Thus, Seniornett can easily involve focus groups and test panels when needed in the project.

Helge Klitzing

Kempenlife is a research and development lab that collects and develops knowledge, know-how and coordinates involvement of industry, local parties and citizens in order to enhance the liveability of rural environments. ‘De Kempen’, the outer area south-west of Eindhoven encompassing 5 municipalities and inhabited by 85.000 people, is the ‘living lab’. The objective of Kempenlife is to contribute to liveability by facilitating the use of (health) technology and digital services, which can offer opportunities for citizenship and participation in remote, secluded areas in particular.

Ad Van Berlo

Brevidius Care Communities is a Dutch company that offers cloudservices (MyWepp Personal) to seniors and mentally disabled people who need something extra to function as independent as possible: daystructuring, appointments, reminders (f.i. medication, social activities), manuals/just in time learning, information/invitations to activate people and keep them active.
If necessary clients use the very userfriendly MyWepp Guide smartwatch. Not only can they receive reminders etcetera in the most easy and reliable way, the watch can also be used for e-health measurements, alarm, gps location, telephone etcetera.

MyWepp offers formal and informal caregivers webtools to accomplish this feeling  of indepency for their clients/familymembers and meanwhile keeping them safe and well.

MyWepp is used by institutions and by individual clients.

Pier Tholen